A Return to Earith Carp Lakes, Cambridgeshire.

15 Jul 16

I first came across Earith carp lakes way back in 2004 after a grueling summer spent chasing a handful of fish in Long Reach at the St.Ives Lakes Complex, although managing to catch a couple, with it now been October, finding somewhere with a few more fish in seemed like a plan. Already hearing that Willow Walk had a good head of fish in it that was the one I wanted to have a go at but on contacting the owner he informed me that the syndicate was full and that he could only offer me a ticket on the lake next door, Virginia. Now I had no idea whether Virginia was a valid winter water or not but I didn’t really have any other options that were local so just went with it and parted with my money. It was now time to just get on with it and have a look around as I hadn’t even seen the place before!

First blood On Virginia November 2004, Pump Corner 22lb 12oz.

First impressions were that the lake hadn’t been fished that much, certainly not as much as Willow and on walking down towards the main lake I realized that one end was open and covered in pads with the other end of the lake split into sections by several islands. There really was nooks and crannies everywhere, plenty of places for the carp to hide and to be honest at first glance looked a little daunting as a winter water. There was a good south westerly blowing down the main lake so opted to just fish on the end of that in a corner where it was pushing into. It was pretty much dark once I had got the rods out but quite pleasing was the sound of carp boshing out in the darkness. This went on all night long but without anything really happening I moved swims in the morning to the pump house corner. I had only been in there half hour and a rod was away! So there was plenty of carp in here! Sadly the hook pulled and no further action occurred that day but interestingly the first member I bumped into seemed surprised that I had joined it to fish the winter! His opinion was that it didn’t really fish that well in the summer and wasn’t even worth bothering with in the winter.¬†This didn’t really phase me as I’d rather just fish it and find out for myself, I’d already seen plenty of fish showing and it was end of October by now, so there was definitely enough in there worth fishing for!

To cut a long story short by baiting a couple of areas up consistently over the winter and fishing singles while actually there it was a pretty successful winters fishing with around 35 fish banked to just over 28lb. I even managed to get my brother and dad down for guests on separate occasions and both of them caught good fish, particularly my younger brother Adam who had a trio of commons

22lb, 25lb and 27lb, while I, fishing right next to him, blanked!! The only downside to the winter was the amount of fish lost due to huge underwater roots from the extensive lilly beds, they really were a nightmare back then with fish often getting wrapped round them and transferring the hook to the roots. I lost a couple of really good fish due to this.

It was much colder in winter 04/05 than this current one in 2013/2014 !

I have now fished Earith carp lakes on and off during winter for the last 10 years or so and was now rejoining with a mind to fishing somewhere easier with plenty of fish in it. I don’t get that much time to fish these days with a session lasting less than 24 hours and more often than not, an overnighter lasting 12 hours or so. With limited time Earith Carp Lakes really does give you a decent chance of catching some nice fish, especially as most of them have grown considerably since I first fished for them 10 years ago. Back in 2004 there was only really a couple of fish in Virginia that would have scraped 30lb, one being the Italian which is now thought to have passed away and a Two Tone Linear which is now called the Woodcarving for some reason!¬† Nowadays I’m led to believe that there could be up to 10 different thirties present at the right time of the year and some stunning stockies which are also growing on nicely.

The Italian at 32lb February 2008 Which has since passed away, shame as it was a right old character.

So for the time being I have a guest session lined up with the old man on Willow Walk which I’m looking forward to, as I have not fished on Willow that much over the years. While I’m there I’ll be having a look at Virginia with a view to rejoining for the winter time and hopefully I’ll bag one on the guest trip to get the juices flowing again! Well, that’s the plan anyway, I’ll reveal how it goes in the next blog entry!

Until then, be lucky.