A Short Day Session Earith Carp Lakes 12th May 2012

15 Jul 16

With the sun out at last I needed to get out and do a little fishing. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how carp fishing is all consuming and how the other species are all neglected. So I rummaged around in my tackle collection and dusted off my waggler rod then raided the cupboards, finding some good old sweetcorn to hand.

Arrived at the lake a little after 3 in the afternoon with dog in tow and settled on what I call a lazy boy swim,somewhere I could flick a couple of baits out and hopefully take a nap in the afternoon sun!

Anyhow I decided on flicking my ususal carp rig with boilies under a bush and baited with some smelly pellets, then turned my attention to the float rig.

Just a simple 3AA waggler with a size 14 tripping the bottom. It felt real good to be watching a float again and after 10-15 minutes I missed the first nibble. Next nibble I was ready and caught this lovely rudd.

I didn’t weigh it, just a quick picture and slipped it back. Probably only about a pound but a real pleasure on light gear.

Next up I had a string of nice sized roach followed by this nice bream, a fish I normally regard as a nuisance on carp gear but this one provided a spirited fight on light gear.

Again its only a couple of pounds at most but I really enjoyed catching it. So much so I’m going again today and leaving the carp gear behind.

As for the carp rig, it remained motionless and resulted in a blank.

So get out there and rediscover the delights of proper fishing. Oh I only fished about 3 hours so was well pleased with the result and home in time for tea.