Big Brown Trout on the Selwyn River, New Zealand

15 Jul 16

Its Autumn time here in the South Island of New Zealand which means the trout are starting to gather in numbers further upstream to get ready for spawning. So I thought there may be no better time to head off down the Selwyn in search of the notoriously difficult and elusive big browns that reside there. Arriving late afternoon armed with a light spinning outfit and a selection of lures the river looked stunning with all the trees looking very autumnal indeed, and more importantly there were trout everywhere, big ones too!

Quickly fumbling my rod together and clipping on a small Rapala imitation brown trout which I’d had some success with previously, I quietly flicked it out the short distance to just beyond where the fish were lying. Several retrieves later and they were just ignoring it (as usual) with me getting even more frustrated!

I took my eyes off the lure for just a few seconds, admiring the scenery and BANG!, I nearly had the rod ripped out of my hand! I glanced up to see the biggest trout I have ever seen come jumping clean out the water three times complete with Rapala hanging out its mouth!! She ripped several metres of line off the spool with me holding on desperately, willing her not to fall off, but after several heart stopping moments she was in the net.

Success at last and what a beauty! On the scales she went a tad over 10lb, a personal best, so with a couple of quick pics I carefully returned her to the river to fight another day. A truly memorable capture that I wont forget in a hurry, time to go home and reflect with a nice cup of tea!