Big Carp on Float Gear

15 Jul 16

As promised here is the next installment.

I pitched up at about 1 o’clock and headed for the far corner of Coots lake but after an hour of fishing it just didn’t seem right with no signs of fish in the vicinity. I quickly packed up and headed for last weeks swim at the other end only to find a cold wind blowing in the bay. I gave it a go but again it just didn’t feel right.

Something made me decide to have a go in Willow Lake using my trusty float gear. I found a nice little fished corner and set up as follows with much stronger kit than last week hoping to land any carp hooked.

I had spooled up with 10lb line, fitted a waggler using rubber float stops and terminated in a size 10 swivel. To this I tied a length of Kryston Super-Nova with a size 12 Kamasan specimen hook. I then shotted the float down using Kryston Heavy Metal. I then used very sparingly a handful of Cotswold Baits Tutti Frutti Corn.

My first nibble came in just half an hour of settling down and trickling in a steady stream of corn. I struck as the float held down to be met with a solid resistance that didn’t seem to know what was going on. She just started plodding off out in to the lake with my clutch screaming! My rod for this sort of fishing is a commercial carp waggler rod and it was bent double. Then disaster the hook popped out for no apparent reason.

The next nibble took about 15 minutes to materialise and again a strike met with solid resistance. This one went ballistic and I lived to regret my choice of a strong match hook more suited to bream than big carp. As you can see below, my kipper headed for the reeds and I lost that particular battle. Gutted I was.

I learnt a valuable lesson there, select the right hook for the job!

I retied this time using a size 12 boilie hook and rebaited settling down for what I thought would be a long wait after all the disturbance. It turns out I only had to wait about half an hour before the float started doing its merry dance again. It didn’t vanish like I expected but rather lifted a couple of times before holding down just below the surface. I didn’t need any prompting and a timely strike saw another good carp hooked and taking line. This one put up a good battle for about 10 minutes before finally being drawn over the net. A quick weigh and she was just over 20lb and a very nice common she was too.

Apologies for the dodgy photos, its real hard trying to do a self take shot and fend off my Jack Russell “Scrapper” while making sure the fish is looked after. ( He tries to lick em clean.)

Thats it till next time. Beats sitting behind motionless buzzers, posing but not catching anyday. I fished on for a couple of hours after that but the carp had vacated the area. A  fantastic short session though which has really got me enthused about fishing again.