Chestnut Pool Fisheries Bedfordshire – First Carp Session Feb 2013

15 Jul 16


Mud Everywhere

Like everyone else over the Christmas period I was fed up of being housebound and not only that, the lakes have been frozen half the time too. It drives me mad! I had been out the country in New Zealand for 2 years and arrived back to England in the middle of December. Now having not been carp fishing for over 2 years I was dying to get out and after doing a bit of research stumbled across a day ticket water called Chestnut Pool down near Langford, Biggleswade in Bedfordshire. From what I could gather it seemed pretty prolific, ideal for a nibble or two and only 40 minutes drive for me, perfect. I would even drag a mate along with me who I hadn’t fished with for years, so a laugh would be guaranteed if nothing else.

We arrived bang on 7.30 at the gates to find the owner just opening up which was good timing and even better there were only two other anglers there, both on the same side of the lake so we opted to fish the other side of the lake behind the islands in pegs 12 and 13. I went for the left hand swim of the two and fished both rods off the corner of the island. I had everything prepared the night before so was fishing within about 5 minutes. Simple nylon snowman rigs were the order of the day tied up with Gold Label Tackle 12lb Pro Clear and knotless knotted to a Gold Label Size 8 Barbless Penetrator 2. The hair was baited with 15mm Geoff Bowers Fifth Element tipped with a Mistral Rosehip 6mm pop-up. The night before I had the ‘wife to be’ make me up 30 PVA bags filled with Mistral Rosehip pellets so I was all sorted with them too!

The winning method except doing away with the bag produced even more bites.

It didn’t take very long at all to get the first bite which resulted in a scrappy mirror of around 7lb that put up a good account of itself! Happy Days. The next couple of nibbles resulted in aborted takes when I realised that the PVA bags wern’t melting in time for the fish to pick up the bait! Quickly doing away with the bags I recast both rods and they were both away within minutes of each other, the culprits being mirrors of a similar size again.

A typical Chesnut Mirror

The action was thick and fast all morning and everytime we tried to put the kettle on we would get interupted by an extremely rude carp! Don’t get me wrong, I love catching fish but sometimes I just like chilling and watching the rods, no chance of this happening today. Up until about lunchtime I had caught all mine on single hook baits but I figured the amount of bites we were getting they must be up for a bit of grub. I whacked out a few pouchfulls of bait over the spot and had a bite while I still had the catapult in my hand! Another rude carp about the same stamp as the others was soon in the net. By about this time I’d had about 12 fish and Martin was on about 8, and you could see the competitive streak coming out in the both of us, as this was turning into a bit of a friendly carp match! We ended up running about like headless chickens, tying spare rigs, baiting up, netting fish and getting the rod back out as soon as possible. This was serious business!

Putting a bit of bait out seemed to do the trick as not only had bites increased but the stamp of fish had got better too with a few doubles gracing the bank between us. Things got even better about 2 o’clock when I hooked a much better fish which put up a really good scrap. When I first caught a glimpse of it I could see it was a good one and when it rolled over the net cord I couldn’t help but crack a big smile. It looked like a 20 to me. We were both doubting there was any decent ones in there until now, 20lb 2oz when the needle settled. Well chuffed, felt like I’d never had a 20 before, gee I had been out of this a while! A short while later my mate had a 17lb mirror so there were definately a few better fish in there, and they responded well to putting plenty of boilies out there.

Best of the day, 20lb 2oz Mirror. They were in there after all!

The action continued right up to the last with me ending up with two small mirrors in the net at once and the ‘carp match’ being a close contest! A total of 19 banked for me and 17 for Martin, it was an awesome days winter fishing, by far one of the most prolific waters I’ve ever been to and a perfect place to go for a quick nibble in the middle of winter. We were now stinking of carp and plastered in mud but I’d be back again for another go, before I start some more serious fishing in the spring.

Tight lines and be lucky,


St Ives Tackle

A good way to end the day.