Surf Casting at Birdlings Flat, New Zealand

15 Jul 16

Its been a lovely mild winters day here today due to a strong northwesterly wind blowing, and a perfect day to have a bash down Birdlings Flat, so thats what i did! I arrived to find a strong backwind blowing which would aid casting and a relatively calm sea, so things were looking good. Either way, its great to be outdoors on a day like this, regardless of catching or not!

A short walk to the beach and I was soon eagerly setting up a nice simple pulley rig set up with a 6oz breakaway sinker and a 4/0 long shank hook. This was all tied up using 60lb shockleader mono. Baited with a nice chunk of oily Trevally I was ready for action. A gentle overhead lob was all that was needed with the wind doing the rest.

It did’nt take long to get the the first nibble with the rod tip gently pulling round and holding there, prompting a quick strike and a short fight revealing a very welcome Spiny Dogfish. I slipped him back, rebaited and got straight back out there. Almost straight away I was in again! This is pretty much how the next couple of hours went with me landing over a dozen of these Spiny Dogfish, all between the 3-7 lb bracket. Not the biggest fish in the world but a bit of sport that made the afternoon very enjoyable! Combine that with awesome scenery and a noisy seal working the shoreline, what more can you ask for……? except maybe next time the big Mummy of them little Dogfish!!