Surfcasting Down a Rough Birdlings Flat!

15 Jul 16

This week I’m back down Birdlings Flat and conditions are far from ideal though! Its been raining here all week but the weekend has come good with temperatures just reaching double figures again. I arrived to find the sea a lot different from the other week, much rougher with a decent swell and very discoloured water.  I had a feeling it would be like this before I left the house but having not fished the weekend before I was mad keen to just be out down the beach with a bait in the water!

The seal trying to catch his tea.

I fished for the next four hours in pretty rough conditions with nothing of interest really happening except the seal charging through the breakers looking for a snack. I think he was having about as much luck as me! I had to constantly keep recasting to prevent my line being buried under the shingle which made for quite difficult fishing. Several other anglers came and quickly gave up throughout the afternoon, probably due to the same problems I was having! You definately need a swell of less than a metre to comfortably fish down here!

Beautiful Sunset

With the lack of bites happening I was also beginning to doubt the effectiveness of my frozen Trevally, normally preferring to use fresh mullet as bait which I have much more confidence with. I havn’t been using them lately due to the river being flooded when I tried to catch some. Will have to try and track down some Winter mullet!!

Well, its been a beautiful day down here despite the poor fishing and I managed to stick it out long enough to catch a lovely sunset. Roll on those long summer days when the suns on your back and the Kahawai are going for it!!

Bring on the summer!- Kahawai down the Waimakariri.