Adam Wilson

I’ve now had two 24 hour sessions with Mickey and I’ve made a drastic improvement in all aspects of my fishing.  I now feel a lot more confident with my whole approach and specifically key areas such as watercraft, feature finding and bait application where Mickey was extremely knowledgeable.

Mickey was able to cover a vast amount of topics and taught me how to tie a number of new rigs that I have been able to adapt to my own fishing.  I got immediate results after my first tuition, catching 15 fish and getting my PB twice in my next two sessions!

I would recommend Mickey to any standard of carp angler as not only can he improve your fishing but you’ll have a great laugh in the process!!

Adam Wilson 


Rob Darwin

“Best decision I have ever made for my fishing. I have had two 24 hour sessions with Mickey and each time fishing with him I have not only improved my angling immensely but I have come away with a new PB on both occasions.

Mickey has transformed my fishing from turning up and flinging a rig out to the closest island to now knowing how to find features, feel the bottom of the lake, find the fish and choose the right tactics for the day.

In just a short space of time Mickey has showed how to tie a number of different rigs, how to fish zigs, how to fish on the surface, how to fish on the bottom and how to fish pop ups how to make sure your hook-bait is well presented and how to cast accurately. I now feel confident in adapting my approach depending on the lake and the conditions and feel my chances of catching have hugely improved.

Both the sessions with Mickey have been very enjoyable, he is extremely knowledgeable, easy going and good fun to fish with! I would definitely recommend this for any carp angler.”

Rob Darwin. 

Brett Sommers


Brett with a nice 18lb Common

“My 24 hour tutorial session with Mike was amazing, his knowledge of carp fishing I would rate as a professional angler. Managed to cover all topics that needed addressing. Easy to get on with, great value for money and would definitely recommend him.”

B Thrift Sommers. 

PS needs a bigger kettle! lol ‘



Simon Taylor

A lovely carp for Si

A lovely carp for Si on the day.

“Mike’s knowledge of carp fishing and his ability to explain it to me was very professional and extremely helpful. Within just a couple of hours of the session I had improved dramatically in my overall technique and by the end of the day much more competent still. I love every fishing session I get the chance to have but this session was one of the best, and future sessions will be just as good with putting to practice what I have learnt”
Si Taylor 



Jamie Donaldson

Jamie Donaldson

A lovely mirror for Jamie.

“I can honestly say that getting a tutorial with Mickey was the best thing I could have done regarding my carp fishing, I learnt new and better ways to tie my rigs, solved some problems with my feature finding and improved my decision making, all things which I used to mull over in my mind constantly.Mickeys good manner and extensive knowledge will help you learn to improve your presentation, how to feature find and bait accurately, improve bait application and hone your overall watercraft skills.He will also explain different rigs, different knots and all the different techniques that you need to take your angling to the next level.

Mickey’s watercraft and ease of delivery made the whole session totally enjoyable and a must for all anglers who can tap into his twenty years plus fishing experience, notably being one of the best carp anglers in East Anglia”
Jamie Donaldson